Monday, 1 October 2007

The Litter Fairy

Yes, I was gone for a week. I'm sorry.

I had considered switching off comment moderation on this site, but thanks to the tosser who left a bunch of trolling messages, I think I'll keep things as they are. I know you think penises are funny, especially if you write about them IN BIG FUCKIN' CAPS, but not on my blog.

Anyway, this is one of my favourite recent PIFs, and it's a cinema - only regional campaign shown in London. I saw it only once, when I went to the second Harry Potter movie in 2002. There's the "clean" one that's safe for kiddies:

Or the dirty one that contains a Naughty Word:

They were posted to YouTube by someone who claims to have worked on the campaign themself, and describes the X - rated cut as "a very punchy copy". "Punchy?" Shock value can be effective (have a look at some of the TAC films I've profiled here) but this strikes me as trying just a bit too hard.

When I was at the cinema and this came on, it had a totally different voiceover with someone saying sarcastically "Who do you think cleans it up, the Litter Fairy?" According to this site, the Litter Fairy campaign was launched in 2004, so I'm going to assume the one I saw was an early version and then they made these two with new VOs.

And speaking of YouTube, here's my YouTube channel with more PIFs, some of which I'll put on this site later. Most of them are free ones snatched off various websites, but others I got from somewhere else that I can't tell you about because it might have broken copyright to put them up there.


JillC said...

Welcome back!

We're starting to get more PSAs/PIFs here in the states. Here are a couple that you might find interesting:

Blood Donation

A Creepy Buzzed driving one:

The old Drunk Driving PSA with Michael Jackson:

There are a number of new PSAs from Tennessee that have been shown on programs nationwide that take a ligher approach to DUI than TAC or RETR, including an award winning one where someone walks up an kicks a sleeping bear. I've been having problems finding a working version on the net, but will keep looking.

However, in terms of sheer horror, I'd say the full length educational PSAs that were shown in classrooms here in the US are still at the front of the pack. If you're curious, Signal 30 may be on Youtube (I've never seen that one, but if it is like the ones we had to watch in Driver's ed or Defensive Driving, than its got to be awful) so be warned.

piflover said...

Thank you! And thanks for the clips as always. The Michael Jackson one is up now ...